Super Speedy Pasta Sauce


This is a super simple pasta sauce recipe that serves 4.

It has lots of hidden veg in it so it’s great for children and healthy eaters alike!

Put 1 carrot, 1 courgette, 1 onion, 2 celery sticks and 2 garlic cloves in a food processor and finely chop. (But don’t puree).

Then sauté the finely chopped veg until soft in a deep pan.

Add to the pan; 500g passata, 2 tbsp tomato puree, 1tsp salt, 1tsp canderel and half a teaspoon of pepper. Add in half a bunch of finely chopped basil.

Heat through and serve.


Cheese stuffed quorn meatballs

In a food processor blitz 150g of quorn mince with an egg and 1 tsp of burger seasoning (made with sweetener instead of sugar.)

Cut 40g low fat cheese (healthy extra allowance) into six cubes.

Mould quorn mince into 6 balls and place a piece of cheese inside each one..making sure the cheese is completly covered.

Put the balls in a baking dish, spray with frylight and bake for 40 minutes at 200 degress or until browned.

Add to your favourite tomato sauce and serve with rice or pasta or cauliflower rice.

Syn free using cheese as healthy extra.


Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad

1 small butternut squash, cut into cubes
1 courgette, cut into cubes
2 onions, chopped
150g israeli couscous (pasta balls) or orzo

Roast the veg in the oven for 40 minutes or till cooked.
Boil the pasta and drain…and pour cold water over it.
Mix together with seasoning such as garlic powder, mixed herbs, salt and pepper.

Serves 2


Quick Curried Pasta Salad

2 handfuls of pasta
A handful of diced cucumber
A handful of diced pepper
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp canderel
1 dsp white wine vinegar
Pinch of salt

Cook and drain the pasta (do not rinse starch off), toss all ingredients in together. And allow to sit for half hour for flavours to mellow.


Serves 2 as a side


Butternut Squash and Red Pepper Lasagne

Serves 6

2 small butternut squash (peeled, seeds removed and diced)
2 red peppers diced
1 onion diced
200g baby plum tomatoes
1 can chopped tomatoes
3 tbsp tomato puree mixed with 250ml water
2 tsp Cumin
1 tsp Salt and Pepper
2 tsp dried Parsley
1 tsp Garlic salt
Lasagne sheets

500g tub fat free fromage frais
3 eggs beaten
1 tsp Salt, Pepper and nutmeg

6 xHEA cheese of choice grated (i used 3 portions of light and 3 portions of double gloucester for flavor)

1 – mix up sauce recipe and add in 1/3 of the grated cheese and set aside.
2 – put diced squash, onion, peppers and baby tomatoes in the oven and roast at 200°c for 40 mins or until cooked.
3 – remove veg from the oven and mix in chopped tomatoes, tomatoe puree mixture. Mix in seasonings and then taste to see if it needs more to taste.
4 – spray baking dish with fry light and spoon some squash mixture onto the bottom and cover with lasagne sheets. Repeat…till you finish layering the dish.
5 – pour white sauce over the top and then top with remaining grated cheese. (Thin sauce with 100ml skimmed milk-1 syn if needed).
Bake at 200°c for 45 mins.

Superfree Lasagne

Serves 2-3
(0.5 syns for the whole thing)
Perfect for Extra Easy, Green or Success Express days.

2 courgettes
1 large /2 small red onions
1 pepper
1/2 butternut squash
250g baby plum tomatoes

Roast the veggies for an hour or till soft.

Mix veggies with a tin of chopped tomatoes, 1tsp garlic salt, 1tsp pepper, 1 tsp dried parsley.

Spray a dish with frylight then layer a dish with lasagne sheets and veggies.

In a jug blend 300g cottage cheese, 3 tbsp natural yogurt, 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp pepper and 1 tsp english mustard. Then pour over lasagne.

Bake at 180°c for 40 minutes.